Coffee-T' we're run a business which produces and selling coffee, tea and bakery. As well as another product that has reach for quality and standards. The product distribution channels are included wolesale and retail, for all customers domestic and overseas. We has expanded our distribution channel through retail stores under the name of " Coffee-T' " and "Pun Pang Restaurant" throughout Bankok.

Under the band of Coffee-T' ,Pun Pang and Kingfood Refresh Junny Expel we can divide our product in to 3 category.

  1. Coffee and Tea
  2. Bakery
  3. Sweet Drink
The eclusivity of our products. such as
  1. Coffee with no sour fever 100%.
  2. The unique smell and taste of coffee, from our own coffee's roast recipe.
  3. Coffee's Shop ( Coffee-T' ).
  4. Homemade bakerys which we make fresh out of the day.
  5. Sweet drink from raw materials, no any additives. With syrup and ready to drink form.